In my previous blog post How To Grow Your Twitter Audience Like Crazy, I explained how to use Tweepi to gain Twitter followers like crazy—up to tens of thousands of followers in only a few months. For reference, I gain over one thousand new Twitter followers each week.

In addition to the blog post, I also published a free accompanying checklist that explains all the details. Download the checklist now if you are interested in growing your Twitter audience.

The problem with Twitter is it is so fast moving. A Tweet is only visible a couple of minutes before it is pushed into invisibility by other Tweets in the news stream.

To gain more organic Twitter followers, you need to be incredibly active on Twitter. This is hard, as you need to Tweet several times an hour, 24×7, to become visible to all your Twitter followers.

You want to be personable and at least appear as if you engage with them directly. You should go on Twitter each day and respond to any personal engagements you have received, but you can automate the majority of your engagement on Twitter with a couple of other software robots.

If you follow any of my Twitter streams ( for solopreneurs or for businesses), you will notice that I retweet interesting posts by people I don’t know, several times each hour. Even when I sleep.

I use a robot called RoundTeam to scan the complete Twitterverse for new tweets that contain certain keywords or hashtags. The robot then retweets some of those at a specified frequency. Once set up, it posts for me without any ongoing effort.

People I retweet often reciprocate by following me, and others believe that I engage personally. This lets me come across as a personable and likable person who cares about his audience.

Let’s take this one step further. Retweeting is great, but you also want to engage personally when someone follows you on Twitter. You can automate this too.

I use a software robot called Sendible to auto-reply to new Twitter followers. It is configured to pick five new followers an hour from the many I receive and to send an automated reply to them.

To avoid appearing like spam, I have written about fifty variations of my welcome message. Sendible picks one of them by random every time it auto-replies to a new follower. It’s important not to use Twitter direct messages for this since DM spam makes them largely ineffective.

In my automated reply, I thank the person for following by name using a keyword substitution tag. I also promote a lead magnet using a link to a landing page.

Over a hundred of my new followers each day get a personal reply with a link to a valuable free lead magnet like an eBook or checklist. Many of those people click the link and fill in their contact information, thereby converting new Twitter followers to email list subscribers.

Read my free checklist Learn How To Engage Personally on Twitter – While you’re not on Twitter to learn the details of how I do all this. You too can become incredibly active on Twitter with almost no ongoing effort!

But never forget, Twitter is a social platform. You should thus go onto Twitter at least once a day and personally respond to anyone who engage or reach out to you. It only takes a minute or two each day. Automation tools help you reduce manual repetitive work, it should never be a reason not to build true engagement.

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