What’s the Secret to Selling Your Knowledge or Skills Online?


It’s surprisingly simple. With a few easy steps, you can create a passive income from things you already know. This blog is dedicated to helping you create an online platform to reach an audience and sell your eBooks, seminars, and other digital information products.

First, you will learn how to build a marketing platform to create an online presence. This will include a website, blog, and social media channels where your audience and potential customers can find and follow you.

To get visitors to the website and blog, you will learn how to drive traffic using paid ads and your social media outreach. You will build systems to collect the email addresses of your visitors, which will help you deploy precise automated email campaigns and convert those leads into customers. As your audience grows, you can begin to share educational content that helps build trust and authority—and promotes your products.

In the first stages, you will learn how to create these digital information products and use them to generate revenue. We will show you how to package your knowledge and skills into digital information products that you sell online including eBooks, online video courses, mentoring and coaching, or other files and services. When the products are in place, you can then create a system to sell them automatically, with no or little ongoing work.

Eventually, you will build a passive income that provides you with freedom and the ability to work from anywhere. Your automated marketing funnel will sell your products automatically using clever software while you work your day job or do the things you love.

This might seem daunting now, but the resources on this blog will guide you every step of the way! Below, you will find a number of links to additional educational content. Consider the links below as recommended reading!

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