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How to setup an automated marketing system where the sum is greater than its parts

Most authors, independent professionals, consultants, and other solo entrepreneurs realize they need to have a website as their home on the Internet. Many also know they ”must” have a blog, and be active on social media. And sending weekly newsletter emails is a given, right? Activities like this is part of building your platform, from [...]

How to Generate Leads From External Websites You Link to

Lead generation with Sniply It is common to link to external websites for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps you link to interesting blog posts from your social media posts or your website link to business partners or suppliers you do business with. While linking to external websites may have many positive effects, it typically means [...]

How to get a Constant Flow of Clients from LinkedIn

If you are an independent professional, for example, a tax consultant or a software development consultant, you might be able to find a lot more clients using LinkedIn than you may think possible. All it takes is a smart strategy that you implement consistently. Most people looking for clients on LinkedIn do two things: they [...]

How to be Incredibly Active on Twitter – while you’re not on Twitter

In my previous blog post How To Grow Your Twitter Audience Like Crazy, I explained how to use Tweepi to gain Twitter followers like crazy—up to tens of thousands of followers in only a few months. For reference, I gain over one thousand new Twitter followers each week. In addition to the blog post, I also [...]

Launch Your Own Online Newspaper: How to use to Create and Promote Your Niche Magazine Automatically [Blog Marketing]

I am a big fan of providing value, and to help my audience find more educational content on Internet marketing and online business. It is however quite demanding to publish long-form blog posts of high quality frequently. Curated content where you promote high-quality blog posts and articles produced by others are thus becoming increasingly popular. [...]

How to Grow Your Audience and Email List from Twitter for Free [Even if You Have No Followers Yet]

I have tried Twitter a couple of times in the past, and each time it hasn’t worked well for me. I never got many followers, and very few people signed up to my email list from Twitter. So while I have focused on a lot of other marketing tactics, my Twitter account has mostly been [...]

How Badly Will Twitter’s and Facebook’s New Algorithms Hurt Your Social Media Engagement?

Both Facebook and Twitter have recently announced new algorithms controlling what posts show up in the news feed timeline of your fans and followers. Just like how Google's search engine algorithm changes make a lot of website owners and SEO specialists nervous, algorithm changes affecting what social media posts get visible in the news feed [...]

Tools for Creating an Online Business

Knowing where to start may be a big problem for anyone who want to make money from their knowledge. On this page, I have collected the most important tools you can use to build an online presence, improve your authority, perform Internet marketing, and perhaps build an online business. Website The website is the basis [...]

The 61 Best Social Media Media Tools You Can Use to Build an Audience [the Ultimate Social Media Tools List]

Social media tools Engaging on social media can take a lot of time. In particular, if you want to be active on multiple social media channels at the same time, each day. The number of social media platforms is growing all the time, and Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter may not be enough anymore. You also [...]