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Convert Your Non-Fiction Book Into an Online Video Course [Passive Income for Self-Publishing Indie Authors]

If you have self-published one or more non-fiction books, you may be painstakingly aware of the difficulty to make money from book sales om Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, etc. eBook prices are now very low, in many cases ranging from free to $2.99. With most non-fiction books selling in low [...]

Make Money Blogging: Sell Your Knowledge Online [for a Passive Income]

Turn your knowledge into an online business Do you want to make money online by selling your knowledge and skills? Great! But how exactly can you do that? This is a question many ask. In this blog post, I will explain the steps needed to monetize your knowledge online. In particular, these questions will be [...]

Extend Your Blog With an Audio Podcast

If you have already established a marketing platform with a website, a blog, and a leads collection system with automated email follow-ups, perhaps you might want to look into also starting a podcast. Podcasts are feeds of on-demand audio you can download from the Internet and listen to while in the car, jogging, or sunbathing [...]

Share Your Knowledge Using Live Webinar Presentations

Anyone with skills to share can perform live presentations over the Internet, for marketing purposes or to deliver coaching and training classes, or consultations. Webinars are a super-convenient way to have live meetings or presentations, using only your laptop and an Internet connection. A webinar is like a physical seminar that has moved over to [...]

What Are the Marketing Funnel, the Customer Journey, and the Know-Like-Trust Chain?

Professional Internet marketers often talk about the marketing funnel and the customer journey. Similarly, they often refer to the know, like, and trust chain. This is mumbo jumbo to many but is not rocket science once explained. These concepts are very important to any online business; including solo entrepreneurs and bloggers setting up an online [...]

Sell Online Video Courses and Make More Money

If you have expertise and knowledge to share, you can make money selling online training courses. Most people who want to monetize their skills start by publishing one or more non-fiction books. This helps build authority, get an audience, and some revenue. However, the book market is very competitive, with most books selling for a [...]