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How to Grow Your Audience and Email List from Twitter for Free [Even if You Have No Followers Yet]

I have tried Twitter a couple of times in the past, and each time it hasn’t worked well for me. I never got many followers, and very few people signed up to my email list from Twitter. So while I have focused on a lot of other marketing tactics, my Twitter account has mostly been [...]

Run Your Online Business from Anywhere in the World [the Freedom of a Laptop Lifestyle]

Location independence for solo entrepreneurs Once you have an online business started, chances are you can run it using just a laptop and an Internet connection. This creates an interesting option: Why do it from home when you can equally well do it from more or less anywhere in the world? While it can be [...]

How to Create an Email Marketing Funnel for Your Online Business

What is an Email Marketing funnel? If you are an entrepreneur setting up an online business for the first time, there are many things to consider - for example, setting up an email marketing funnel. You obviously need a website as the home of your business, and probably a blog to help build and attract [...]

How Non-Fiction Authors and Bloggers Can Make More Money by Selling Online Video Courses

There are different options to share your knowledge and skills, and amongst the most popular ones are writing non-fiction books and running a niche blog. The former has become very popular with the simplicity of Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace, and the latter can be done using simple web publishing tools like Wordpress. Many authors [...]

Get to Know Your Audience Better [Using Online Surveys]

What information products and content do you produce, and why? Are you sure your next non-fiction book or blog article will interest your readers? What topics should your next online video course focus on? Which of several alternative titles or cover graphics is best for your upcoming book? Overall, what is the demographic, interests [...]

How to Self-Publish a Non-Fiction Book on Amazon

Publishing a book is easier than many people may think. The self-publishing revolution has disrupted the book publishing industry, and authors are now free to publish books any way they want, without getting permission or being controlled by book publishers. You too can publish a book. So how do you go about publishing a book [...]