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How to Build a Strong Personal Brand And Stand Out From The Crowd

Building a personal brand is a top priority for many solo entrepreneurs. Whether you are a consultant, coach, author, freelancer, or any other type of solopreneur; your personal brand might be the difference between success or failure. Brand building has traditionally been something for corporate marketing departments. Nowadays, every business owner, consultant and even employee [...]

How to be Incredibly Active on Twitter – while you’re not on Twitter

In my previous blog post How To Grow Your Twitter Audience Like Crazy, I explained how to use Tweepi to gain Twitter followers like crazy—up to tens of thousands of followers in only a few months. For reference, I gain over one thousand new Twitter followers each week. In addition to the blog post, I also [...]

The Solopreneur Daily newspaper: One week after launch

Last week, I outlined how I created a new daily online newspaper using a software robot ( – the result was The Solopreneur Daily. After setting up the way I wanted, it pulls relevant content from around the Internet and designs a daily newspaper with curated content each day automatically. It even promotes itself [...]

Launch Your Own Online Newspaper: How to use to Create and Promote Your Niche Magazine Automatically [Blog Marketing]

I am a big fan of providing value, and to help my audience find more educational content on Internet marketing and online business. It is however quite demanding to publish long-form blog posts of high quality frequently. Curated content where you promote high-quality blog posts and articles produced by others are thus becoming increasingly popular. [...]

How to Grow Your Audience and Email List from Twitter for Free [Even if You Have No Followers Yet]

I have tried Twitter a couple of times in the past, and each time it hasn’t worked well for me. I never got many followers, and very few people signed up to my email list from Twitter. So while I have focused on a lot of other marketing tactics, my Twitter account has mostly been [...]