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The Solopreneur Daily newspaper: One week after launch

Last week, I outlined how I created a new daily online newspaper using a software robot ( – the result was The Solopreneur Daily. After setting up the way I wanted, it pulls relevant content from around the Internet and designs a daily newspaper with curated content each day automatically. It even promotes itself [...]

Launch Your Own Online Newspaper: How to use to Create and Promote Your Niche Magazine Automatically [Blog Marketing]

I am a big fan of providing value, and to help my audience find more educational content on Internet marketing and online business. It is however quite demanding to publish long-form blog posts of high quality frequently. Curated content where you promote high-quality blog posts and articles produced by others are thus becoming increasingly popular. [...]

How Non-Fiction Authors and Bloggers Can Make More Money by Selling Online Video Courses

There are different options to share your knowledge and skills, and amongst the most popular ones are writing non-fiction books and running a niche blog. The former has become very popular with the simplicity of Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace, and the latter can be done using simple web publishing tools like Wordpress. Many authors [...]

Tools for Creating an Online Business

Knowing where to start may be a big problem for anyone who want to make money from their knowledge. On this page, I have collected the most important tools you can use to build an online presence, improve your authority, perform Internet marketing, and perhaps build an online business. Website The website is the basis [...]

What Do a Book Editor Do and Why Do I Need One [Learn Self-Publishing]

Today, anyone with skills to share can write a non-fiction book, and many people do. It is surprisingly easy, and more or less anyone can do it on their own without the help of a traditional publishing house. But only because you bypass the publisher and self-publish a book, it isn't necessarily a good [...]

Use an IPad and Apple Pencil to Make Engaging Video Presentations and Online Training Courses

The video guru Gideon Shalwick have published an interesting movie on how to turn your iPad and Apple Pencil into a graphics tablet and record a movie as you draw on it - similarly to how you would present a topic using a whiteboard. Now, anyone with an iPad equipped with an Apple Pencil can [...]