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Turn Your Knowledge Into an Online Business

Generate a Passive Income by Selling Your Own Digital Information Products

This blog is dedicated to helping solo entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and anyone else with knowledge to share to make money online. Learn how to use a smarter system to exploit your expertise and make more money.

You can build a marketing platform, create an online business, and generate a passive income from information products related to you niche. Create a portfolio of digital information products and sell books, video courses, and live coaching.

Your online business will offer a range of digital products for sale to the same audience to build a passive income you can manage from anywhere. Watch the money flow in while sitting on the beach or boost your income from your regular day job.

Read my books and learn more!

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Praise for Mastering Online Marketing:

Must-Have Marketing Book

5 5 1
This book is great

Well Worth The Investment !

5 5 1
A wonderful marketing resource for newbies and even experienced sellers

A Comprehensive Treatise

5 5 1
I just want to say that it is the most comprehensive treatise on marketing on the Internet that I have read

0 to fast in no time

4 5 1
I'd say this is a must read for marketers and non marketers

Really good investment of your time and (minimal) money

5 5 1
If you start at the beginning and work your way through to the end, like I did, you will have an excellent blueprint for a better online presence

Life Preserver for the Tidal Wave of Change

5 5 1
He has brilliantly summarized the evolution of online marketing, and provided convincing background about each step of the timetable in language that even someone with no marketing experience can understand

Excellent Introductory Text for Online and Digital Marketing

5 5 1
I would definitely recommend this book for marketing managers trying to understand the digital world better, entrepreneurs writing their business or marketing plans, and small business owners who want to take full advantage of digital marketing methods.

A Detailed Crash Course in Online Marketing -Easy to Read and Follow

5 5 1
Buy the book, you won't be disappointed.

Great read

5 5 1
This is a very elaborate book about marketing strategies online

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